To My Beautiful Son

To my beautiful son,



Never let the world dictate who you are


They’ll tell you you’re only acceptable with limited emotion

They’ll tell you your strength is there to dominate

They’ll tell you you’re defined by what you do


Don’t listen to them my precious,

Not one single word!


You see the world wants to control you

And see you control others

For you to be sucked into the lies of violence and sex and domination

But my lovely, do not listen to them


Strength is not in physical power

Domination brings no true satisfaction


My son, your strength is being broken with the broken

Loving deeply and resisting the world’s lies


You can feel all emotions

You can admit that you love and are loved

You can cry and laugh and see beauty


You are valuable

No matter what you do;

How much you earn;

Whether or not you are single


Know, my beauty, that the strength required

To live outside of boxes in which the world wants to place you


Requires more strength than many men have.