GLW Update: Answered Prayers!

I occasionally send out email updates about our family situation.  You can sign up to them HERE.  I also thought my blog and Twitter friends may like to hear how we’re doing.  If you’re not familiar with our situation, HERE’S where it all started.



Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your continued prayers for us!  We wanted to let you know about the answered prayers we have had in the last month.

Mr GLW starts his training as a Police Officer with the Met. Police on 25th July. We’re all very relieved about him getting a start date as it has take quite a while and no longer being in a state of flux has been really wonderful!

Niece GLW’s current job is only a 6 month contract (ending in August 2016). We have been looking for a new job for her and she has been accepted on a year long apprenticeship with an outdoor activity centre.  It has live-in facilities and we are really praising God for this opportunity for her and that it helps with Smallest GLW’s struggles working out where he belongs, as his mum (who is no longer doing the job of being his mum) will not be living with us.

We bought a trailer tent in May and have already had one holiday over the half term.  The holiday was extremely challenging in places, but we are excited about the possibilities the trailer tent offers.  Also, our lovely friends have gifted us some time in their holiday home in the summer holidays, which is an answer to our prayer for more time for rest and relaxation.

Teen GLW continues to be VERY excited about her baptism and is hoping to share her testimony during the service.


In the midst of answered prayers, we also have some challenges…

Smaller GLW is still struggling with head and stomach migraines and the challenging aspects of his behaviour seem to be increasing.  We are also beginning to consider which secondary school is right for him (he will start in September 2017).

Smallest GLW continues to struggle with us as his new family.  He can get quite sad and has quite a lot of angry feelings.

Due to Mr GLW’s new job we have some childcare complexities to work out, we are beginning to advertise for a person (or people) who may be able to do this role.


Things we would really appreciate prayer for:

•Smallest GLW’s heart and mind are deeply secure in how loved he is and how wonderfully and marvellously he has been made and that we have wisdom in loving and parenting him.

•Smaller GLW’s migraines stop and that we are able to get the right information if lifestyle changes need to be involved in preventing the migraines

•Teen GLW is prepared and getting ready for baptism

•Mr GLW and I have wisdom in parenting all three children and deal sensitively with the complex dynamics between them and between us all

•Teen and Smaller GLW are able to deeply understand Smallest GLW’s circumstances and grow in accepting him fully as a sibling

•For the right decision regarding the MA with London School of Theology

•For the right person (or people) to help us with childcare

•For protection.  It is spiritual powers and principalities that we are fighting and there are so many forces in opposition to what we are called to. Please intercede for us in the spiritual realms if that is your gift and call, we definitely need that!!


Thank you so much!


Love all us GLWs xxx

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