Single Sex Christian Events

The other week I was chatting with my wonderful friend Helen and her housemate.  Still pyjama-clad and vaguely sleepy, the conversation moved onto single-sex Christian events and not in a good way.  I felt it called for a bit of a Google of the names Christian women’s and men’s events are given.  Here is a brief overview:

Women’s events

Activate your life
Love actually
Restore and reform
Women of faith: from survival to revival
Being a Christian woman
Pink Impact
True Woman
Love Life
God’s word our story
Desperate for Jesus
All Things Are Possible
God’s Leading Ladies
Gathering of Women Leaders
Valued and Thriving

Men’s events

Fighting the good fight of faith
Men’s Summit
A Call to Arms
No Regrets
The Gathering
Iron sharpens iron
It seems, in general, fighting is for men and feeling is for  women.


I know those who run these events are passionate about what they do and that many people gets loads out of single-sex events, and not all of them are hideously bad, plus it would be unfair to invalidate whole events based on their name.  The question is, are these events solely using stereotypes to attract their audience, or are they perpetuating the very boxes which restrict women and men from becoming all God is calling them to be.  I’ve spoken to so many women and men who find the current single-sex conferences alienate them and leave them feeling either inadequate or under pressure to conform.


I’m not sure what the way forward is, but surely there’s got to be a better way than this…?


One thought on “Single Sex Christian Events

  1. ‘Activate Your Llife’ and “Restore and Reform” or ‘From survival to revivaL’ don’t appear to me to be just about feeling. But then I have gone to some of these conferences. They are like a gathering of Stepford Wives meets the bible study class.

    Having said that, I lived a lot of my christian life in AOG churches where these kinds of emotionally triggering topics or titles tend to draw people in and give them expectations which are just not possible to fulfill.

    The problem here I believe is that the church has for a long time divided people up into demographics. The women over there, the men over here, the children back there, the elderly way over there. Then there are the smaller more exclusive groups. We have the leaders meetings, the ethnic groups, the grief counselling group, the missions support group the prayer group, the worship singers group, it gets so everybody is segregated at most times during the week to sit with their homies, and when its Sunday church everyone gets together. These mega-churches tend to divide and conquer because frankly, there are just too many people for one head pastor to help. So you get a bigger staff, and you continue to divide your congregation. The head pastor gets the credit for church growth while his exhausted staff and congregation just keep their diaries as full as they possibly can to make up for their extreme lack of actual spiritual growth..

    When will this sort of thing end? When the sheep sitting in the pews expecting somebody else to feed them go out and learn how to relate to Jesus the chief shepherd themselves. When we are all walking in the Spirit and learning to minister through Him, we will know the peace and contentment and joy we are looking for. It doesn’t come from people or church programmes or somebody who is ‘more mature than me’. It comes from Jesus, and the Holy Spirit..


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